Best Home Cinema Projectors

Best Home Cinema Projectors

Movies, Netflix and lots of popcorn. These top picks will level up your cinema experience


Great for gaming but even better for movies with colours, resolution and motion that elevate it to the top ranks of its segment.

from ₹ 4,25,000


A brilliant all-in-one device that brings the joys of big-screen picture to even the non-technically inclined cinephile.

₹ 3,99,000


Innovative design that also packs in a punch when it comes to picture and sound quality.

₹ 99,000


Among the best mid-end HT projectors right now, the W4000i excels in colour fidelity, installation flexibility and feature list.

₹ 4,00,000


Easy to set-up and aimed at the typical TV-audience, the Epson LS800B is bright, colourful and cheerful!

₹ 4,12,999

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