Top 5 Home Cinema Gadgets

Best home cinema gadgets

Upgrade your terrible telly with these fantastic finds that will amp up your daily TV sessions.


A solid streaming box with tons of uses but existing owners can get by with just the new Siri remote.

from ₹ 18,900


Treat your Blu-ray collection (if any) to simply the best sound and picture quality currently possible.

from ₹ 89,000


Dolby Vision, Alexa at your fingertips and overall a much more zippier experience around apps.

from ₹ 6,499


A no-nonsense soundbar to enhance the tinny sound of your sleek TV without digging too deep.

from ₹ 20,490


A must-have if you’re a camper or spend a lot of time outdoors

from ₹ 79,990

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