Top 10 Geek Accessories

Best gadgets for tech geeks

These are the tech gadgets that we absolutely want but sometimes don’t necessarily need…


The dinky action camera just got faster, smoother, and a whole lot better.

from ₹ 54,500


The Mac Studio + Studio Display outshines everything else in power and performance, but not in specs sometimes. A true powerhouse that will be a trailblazer.

from ₹ 4,33,300


If there’s a handheld deep-cleaning solution you’re looking for, you really can’t top this.

from ₹ 57,900


Combining the virtues of valve amplification along with the timless aesthetic of McIntosh.

from ₹ 2,99,000


Pocketable and powerful, the Paw S1 is the perfect companion for Apple Music and IEMs.

from ₹ 12,999


The definite 360 action camera for dummies and pros alike.

from ₹ 47,000


Audio sunglasses are a fun gadget to have and Qubo’s budget-friendly option is very tempting

from ₹ 5,990


Well-designed accessory that is bound to elevate your content quality.

from ₹ 14,990


A novelty speaker of sorts that can only be justified as an indulgence.

from ₹ 22,990


Packs a strong motor and lengthy battery into a portable package that makes this a gym essential.

from ₹ 18,999

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